March 10, 2016:  After third-party plaintiff's counsel received a jury verdict in excess of $1,000,000.00, Plaintiffs and Third-Party Defendants appealed alleging numerous errors.  Third-party plaintiff's counsel retained The Kane Law Office, LLC to prepare the appellate response brief.  The Colorado Court of Appeals affirmed the jury verdict. 

I have worked closely with Bastion over the past several years and continue to be impressed by the quality of his work.  Not only is his brief and motion writing the highest quality, but whenever he is involved in my case he is a trusted partner offering valuable legal and strategic insight with an eye toward winning.  Bastion is a force multiplier that has enabled me to stand toe to toe with even the most intimidating adversaries, and I recommend him to others without hesitation.

Brian Bradford, Esq. 



March 29, 2016:  After plaintiff's counsel obtained a verdict in excess of $770,000.00 (inclusive of interest), Defendants filed a motion for new trial alleging that they did not receive a fair trial.  Plaintiff's Counsel retained The Kane Law Office, LLC to respond to the Defendants' motion.  Defendants' Motion was denied by the District Court. 

"Bastion is an incredibly hard working and dedicated lawyer.  When the chips are down and your case comes down to one motion or one brief,  you want to call Bastion.  For the busy lawyer, Bastion is a great resource.  He has met every single deadline by a mile, and the work product is fantastic.  With Bastion I know that I can continue to handle the day-to-day obligations of my caseload, while still being able to file first rate motions and pleadings with the court when unique and complicated issues arise."

Remington W. Feng, Esq.


I have worked with Bastion on several occasions.  He is easy to work with and thorough.  Bastion has great legal skills. His research and writing skills are flawless.  Bastion’s ability to advocate through his writing is unsurpassed.

Colleen Calandra, Esq.


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